Salmon season is HERE

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This week we are happy to bring you all California King Salmon from the Monterey Bay harbors triumvirate: Monterey, Moss Landing, and Santa Cruz. Stan Bruno, John Hulliger, Jerry Foster, and Brian Lucas all came together to bring us this week’s treat from the sea. The fishing up to this point has been relatively slow with around 15 fish days when they can get out of the harbor (serious there were waves breaking IN the entrance to the Santa Cruz harbor yesterday). Up north in the San Francisco area there are reports of 40 fish days. That said the fishermen are very happy with the high price they are getting right now: the most they have seen ever between $8.50 and $9.50 a pound whole (filleted that comes to $15.58 wholesale). Unfortunately the incredibly high price means most of it is being sent to big buyers in the city, and little of it is being kept here. Local restaurants and markets are having an extremely difficult time getting a hold of these fish, but LCMB did. YAY!

Stan used a GoPro camera when he was fishing, and here is a video we put together for you all! CONTENT WARNING: This is fishing, and there is blood. That said, A few of you will be eating the fish he lands in this video…which is pretty cool! 

Caught by: Stan BrunoJerry FosterJohn Hulliger, and Brian Lucas
Landed in: Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, and Monterey
When landed: Friday 5/3 (and kept in coolers on ice)
Filleted and bagged: Monday evening, 5/6, by Greg Young
Coolers packed: Tuesday 5/7, 10AM
Fillets shares vs. Whole fish shares: Same – all fillets this week
What to take: 1 share = 1 package
For best taste, eat by: Thursday

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