Newsletter for March 12

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The weather, seas, fish, and cosmos did not align this week to bring us our local-bounty-from-the-sea. 

But that didn’t keep us or the fishermen from trying. On Wednesday I spoke with Don Marshall from Half Moon Bay to see how fishing was up there and to see if we could get some dungeness crab, or something. The only something he could think of was the monkey face eel which is apparently delicious, but hard to come by in large volumes (<10 pounds). It did get me thinking about seeing if we could get some for our online market place…who wants me to look into that? 

This is what a monkey face eel looks like:

Here is a video of Kirk Lombard, shown above, fishing for the monkey face eel:

Kirk writes an extremely entertaining blog about living off the ocean as a subsistence fisherman in the San Francisco Bay area. If you haven’t checked it out I highly recommend it: I spoke with Kirk a couple weeks ago for the first time and convinced him to do a presentation atTedX Monterey Bay this year on April 13th. It hasn’t been announced officially on the website but I thought I would share with you all. If you like his writing and on screen presence you should register and see his talk next month. 

As a last minute effort I stopped by Santa Cruz harbor to see if there was anything being landed. Nothing. Or rather Scott and his dad, ‘Biggy,’ landed 180lbs of crab, roughly 100 crabs, which is not a lot considering the pots were soaking for 6 days and they had something like 60 pots out there. As Scott put it “the seas were like lumpy mashed potatoes out there.” Meanwhile, Stan Bruno is getting his new boat “Grinder” ready for salmon season. The opening day has not been announced yet, but it should be somewhere around the vicinity of May 1st.

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