Local Catch Pairing: Marin Miyagi Oysters and Smoked Sablefish!

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Were excited this week to offer you all two extremely delicate, flavorful and hard to come-by specialties: smoked sablefish and Miyagi oysters. Some of you have experienced smoked sablefish before but I’m guessing many of you have not. We have sampled and sold it on the LCMB webstore, the Independent Market place and most recently at the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery Twisted Tasting Event, where we flew through 50+ packages just sampling on a cracker with cream cheese and a little dill, which consequently went really well with the smoked beer from the Boulder Creek Brewery. After the success of that event and my own relatively recent discovery and affinity to smoked sablefish, I thought it would be great to include with a LCMB share. In case you are wondering what to expect, smoked sablefish has an amazing firm, but silky texture with a high oil content that isnt fishy, but more buttery, a characteristic enhanced by the light smoking. The richness of the oil and the light smokiness makes it great on a toasted baguette with either cream cheese or Brie, or try it in a omelet. This is assuming that it isn’t finished right out of the package. If you decide to get adventurous and create something new let us know what you come up with! Note: smoked sablefish has been brined and lightly smoked but doesn’t have any preservatives so it should be refrigerated and eaten within the week.

Going with the delicate and rich flavor theme we thought it would be great to pair the smoked sablefish with Marin Miyagi Oysters. These Marin Miyagis are sustainably farmed in Tomales Bay, by Point Reyes just north of San Francisco, and they will be extremely fresh (Greg is picking them up tomorrow morning 3am and we’ll be bagging them as soon as he returns to Scotts Valley). Miyagi oysters have beautiful, deep-cupped shells that are fantastically polished by the tumbling action of cold choppy Tomales Bay water. Eating just four or five medium size oysters supplies you with your daily allowance of iron, copper, iodine, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese and phosphorus. And most importantly, the taste of these oysters cannot be beat.

You should receive about a 18 oysters (small share) and you will have many options – you can eat them raw on the half shell, grill them, bake them in the oven, steam them, or even drink them as an “oyster shooter” with a shot of vodka. Yum!

AND, if you have been looking to shuck your own oysters but don’t have the proper tool we finally added oyster knives to our webstore. YAY! You can say good by to bending butter knives or blunt screw drivers (not efficient, and certainly not as safe). Finally a little tip: Ice cold oysters are easier to shuck. When the oysters are really cold the muscles relax, keeping them from tensing up and making opening difficult. Log in to your account and go to the Webstore to get your handy dandy oyster shucker!

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