Blackgill Rockfish + BN Ranch Turkeys + T-Shirt Special

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This week we have delicious blackgill rockfish for you, caught off the Farallon Islands by Josh Churchman. Josh is a small boat fisherman based out of Bolinas, who also has a reputation as an excellent crabber. He fishes for rockfish using vertical lines, each with about 50 baited hooks. Blackgill rockfish are typically found over soft bottom habitat, from 720-2,520 feet. Rockfish species such as blackgill are commonly referred to as “snapper” or “rock cod” in restaurants. They’re a very pretty fish, uniformly dark red, with black on the gill membranes, inside of their mouths and often on the tips of their fins – check out the image above. They are a delicious fish to eat, with a mild, sweet flavor and a firm, coarse-flaked texture. Whole fish members will receive a whole (gilled and gutted) rockfish (shares labeled with member names), while fillet members will receive fillets.

In an effort to reduce our plastic use, we will choose one of our sites this week to experiment with packaging in butcher paper, instead of ziplock bags. We’re also saving many of the carcasses from fillet shares to provide crab bait for Ken Miller once the dungeness season opens, and are developing a relationship with a local biodisel producer who is trying to turn fish guts into fuel. Check out our links below, and also don’t miss our information about ordering your BN Ranch heritage turkey!

Caught by: Josh Churchman
Landed in: San Francisco
Landed on: 10/20
Filleted: 10/22 by Greg
Coolers packed: 10/23 by Oren and Alan
Fillets shares vs. Whole fish shares:
Fillet sharesfilleted rockfish
Whole fish shares: 1 whole blackgill rockfish. Whole fish shares labeled with member name.
What to take: Small shares: 1 bag; Family shares: 2 bags
For best taste, eat by: Friday

about rockfish:
-Our rockfish species profile
-Learn more about the state of the blackgill rockfish population here

about rockfish fishing:
-Rockfish are typically caught with trawl nets, or in this week’s case, by longline. Click here to read more about the pros and cons of fishing with longlines.
-This week’s fisherman, Josh Churchman, was named National Volunteer of the Year by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation in 2009.
-Josh was also featured in an excellent article in the Earth Island Journal

about rockfish preparation:
-Delicious rockfish recipes on the LCMB website
-Here’s a video cooking demo from Santa Cruz chef Marisa Johnston
-Finally, a member recipe for panko-encrusted rockfish fillets
-For whole rockfish shares, you will probably want to scale it first. Then either cook it whole (easiest), or fillet it, following this video.
-Please share your rockfish experience with other members on our Facebook pageor share your recipes and ideas on the Member’s Forum

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Now Accepting Deposits for BN Ranch Turkeys for Thanksgiving, Delivery on 11/20
The mission of Bolinas-based BN Ranch is to “create the best tasting and most wholesome humanely raised Heritage Turkeys in the world.” These are some truly amazing birds. Both broad-breasted and heritage turkeys are available, in several size classes each. The prices will be $7.95/lb for heritage birds and $5.25/lb for broad breasted birds. Discounts may be possible if our order reaches a certain volume. If you are interested, please place a deposit on a turkey by making an order on our Web Store (instructions below), no later than midnight on 11/13. The deposit will be deducted from your LCMB balance. Once we know the exact weight of your turkey, we will charge you the difference with a 1-time charge. Since our site hosts have different storage capacaties, we may not be able to distribute turkeys at every site, and there will likely be some location consolidation to facilitate turkey pickup. More details to come, but rest assured that we will find a way to connect you with your turkey.

Local Catch Web Store and T-Shirt Special!
LCMB T-shirts are extremely attractive, fair trade shirts that are produced in the USA. They are now available for only $22. Your order helps us to provide our regular fishermen with free Local Catch hoodies. Also on the Web Store, you can order an extra share of tomorrow’s fish, live abalone, smoked sablefish, smoked albacore tuna, cedar planks, a new LCMB bag, a piece of fisherman Chris Zajac’s art or original shirts, and an awesome LCMB hoodie (size Medium only) to accompany your share! Access the Webstore by logging in to your account and then clicking on the words “Web Store” in the upper right corner. Orders must be placed by 9pm Monday. You should receive a confirmation email with the successful completion of an order, and your Local Catch account balance will be debited accordingly at the time of delivery.

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Reminders – Many Ways to Participate
1. If you don’t want your share (or would like an extra), you can place a posting on ourBuy/Sell/Swap discussion topic and make arrangements with other members. If you do this, be sure to provide some kind of contact info so others can get in touch with you.
2. Send us a new recipe, broken down into steps and with a photo you’ve taken, and we’ll credit your account $5.
3. Refer a new member, and receive a $20 referral credit. Make sure the new member gives us your name after they sign up.
4. Need some new seafood preparation ideas? Meet other LCMB members and share a meal by posting on this discussion topic.

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Enjoy your Local Catch Tuesday!

-Oren and Alan

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